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"Don't Leave A Legacy. Live A Legacy"

Kirit, the way you teach, the passion and the strategies is a revelation.

What I learned from you totally changed my life.

Financially, I am even more successful, but I create deals where everybody wins.

Your coaching revealed what can be done and how it can be done. Money, Balance, Fun.

You changed my thinking and with it my life. I and my family will be forever grateful.


Steven Lord: International Financier

Business Growth

Corporate Specific Training

Inspired Public Speaking

These cutting edge courses will highlight the obstacles that are holding you back from achieving your true personal and business potential.  Read More

Our corporate trainings are designed and tailored specifically for your management and staff. They will be tailored to focus on a specific issue or set of goals.  Read More

Our public speaking courses are designed to turn you from a nervous novice to a master communicator.  Read More


"I want to put a ding in the Universe"

(Steve Jobs) 


I have some news of startling fundamental importance....

"Life is not about surviving, it’s about thriving. Its about crafting a masterpiece of Dynamic Impact, Outstanding Successes and Massive Contribution to others. After all we are all connected and We Can and TOGETHER WE WILL create a far better future for us and the generations to follow."

What If you could do it Rapidly, Consistently and Sustainably? Would you want to know more about High Impact strategies coupled with the unique REV blueprint that has already served thousands internationally to live life On their terms!

Welcome to The Knowledge Corporation and to a series of life-changing personal and business development training programs presented by the INspired Legacy SuperCoach, Galactic Class motivational and inspirational leadership speaker Kirit Pankhania



•   Are you leaving a legacy or LIVING A LEGACY?

• Are there frustrations and challenges in setting, implementing and achieving your most critical fundamental business, relationship and life goals?

• What would it mean to you to be able to dynamically impact others through the power of inspired public speaking?



Then our transformational leadership and business development courses may be perfect for you. Learn how to:


Probably for the very first time Identify Your True Purpose, Know what is truly important to you and have the energy and the capacity to get it done!

You can also learn amongst many things the Art and Science of How TO:

• Set your business goals and achieve them
• Identify positive opportunities to move forward in
life and in business and achieve them
• Identify and Access your own potential
• Inspire your team and others you care about
• Communicate to win business
• Project confidence, conquer your nerves and
captivate your audience

Your being here is no coincidence. Take the next steps towards becoming the leader, CEO or business owner that you you desire to become. Kirit’s expert guidance, knowledge and business acumen will help you to develop your own skills and confidence and enable you to become an outstanding leader or entrepreneur. Prepare to discover an empowered, ambitious and confident new you! In short the Best YOU!

Click the links to view brief videos about our courses:

• Leadership & Business Growth
• Corporate Training
• Public Speaking

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